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Summer camp

Are there anymore camps that keep you for most of the summer? I been researching camps because I want to open one. It seems most camps only keep the kids for two weeks maximum. I guess it’s weird to me because my generation went to camp every summer for the whole summer. I would leave at the end of June and come back at the end of august. If you didn’t go to camp that summer you were bored because everyone went. I never realized they changed so much over the years. Once I grew up I stopped paying attention until my son mentioned wanting to go camping with his school. I then began my research 🧐.

The benefits of a greenhouse home

1. More sun exposure. You will absorb more vitamin D, and even in winter you will receive more sun exposure than normal.

2. Because of more sun exposure, you save on heating your home all year round.

3. Catching rain water, and adding solar panels will almost eliminate your utility bills.

4. Your home is safe from damage and pest. The roof of your home will last longer. If you live where there is snow, the snow won’t touch your home. The heat coming from the greenhouse will probably melt the snow in the surrounding area. That may mean less shoveling.

5. Grow vegetables and plants all year round. Also spend more time outside during the cold seasons. The surrounding greenhouse allows you to be outside during storms or blizzards.

6. May increase the value of your home if you decide to sell. The unique quality may attract more buyers.