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Tree down😵‍💫

We had a storm on Monday, and we had a tree fall down. It was a really big tree, but thankfully nothing was in that area of the land.

Here just more pictures of the land. Still trying to decide if I’m leaving it blank or putting something here. 🤔

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Probably no tacos today, but I’m still thinking so maybe 😂

Snake bite

Well In Michigan we have a snake bite advisory. The health department have been receiving an influx of patients with snake bites this summer. I saw a couple snakes last year, but this year I’ve only seen two so far. I’m most concerned for my kids because they’re always walking the trails. I will probably tell them to not go as much until the advisory is lifted.

Hope everyone enjoy their Friday! I’ll be outside all day, so hopefully I will enjoy the day!

A snake that a friend of mine accidentally got with the weed wackier

Crafty Wednesday

Today I’m making a couple garden boxes and raised garden beds. Since my greenhouse is not finished, I have to put plants wherever I can put them. I didn’t expect to be this behind with the greenhouse, and I put down way too many seeds. I also took those rescue plants home and they are doing great, but now I have to make space for everything. I’ll be crafting all day. I hope everyone has a great Wednesday 🫶🏾✌️

Good rest

Yesterday for the first time in a long time I wasn’t able to post. I don’t know what was going on, but I was able to read other blogs and comment or like the post.

I slept most of the day Sunday anyway, so it was nothing much to say. When I did finally get out the bed I did laundry, and watched another movie. I’d say it was a nice Sunday. I really needed the rest.

Monday has been a drag. Did tons of work, but it has been cloudy all day. I was waiting for it to rain all day. No luck with the rain. We really need it the forest is so dry. I still have more work to do before it gets dark. I just thought I’d blog something really quick. ✌️🫶🏾

Smooth Saturday

Today was a nice easy going day. I really relaxed and watched a couple movies with the kids. I did get bad news about my greenhouse today, but I didn’t let it ruin my day.

The kids and I watched the new ghostbusters. Great movie is my opinion. I loved to see the original characters back.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend if you can. I’m been trying my hardest to avoid the news, but a small glance let’s me know everyone is not ok today. Find peace and sanity wherever and however. 🫶🏾✌️

What happened to Fridays?

I remember when Friday was the best day. There was always something to look forward to. Even Thursday was a good day because you knew Friday was coming. Now that I work from home, and Covid has destroyed everything, the weekends are just regular days.

I know for some people Friday is still a big day. What’s weird is I wonder if that’s still some peoples pay day. When I was working for a company, my pay day was always Wednesday or Thursday. I was never paid on a Friday.

I do anticipate weekends more when the kids are in school. I guess because I’m their teacher, and I’m happy for the small break. For now the weekends are just weekends I guess. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Sometimes they are fun, and sometimes they’re just days of the week.


I’ve been asked a few times to go on a trip. I haven’t been on one in years, but for some reason I still don’t want to. I do not have the urge to go anywhere far right now. I barely go to the store. I mostly get things delivered. I know I would enjoy myself, but I just don’t feel like going on a trip.

My husband doesn’t like traveling that much. He has lived a lot of places, and he’s just so settled in Michigan. I’ve only lived in Michigan, and only traveled a little. I’ve never left my country. I’m thinking Canada will be the first to be visited. It’s right next door to my state, and I been meaning to go.

We will see if I finally venture out to see the world. It’s been a major goal. I hope you choose to stay happy this Thursday, no matter what! 🫶🏾✌️