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Weird day 😵‍💫

Today was a crazy day. I woke up early did some things around the house, and pretty much gave myself a free day. I get a phone call about my mom not dealing with the heat too well, so my sister took her to the med center. She is at home now fine and resting.

After that I continued on with the day. I had some chapters to read to my friends book she is writing. She doesn’t have a title and she’s panicking, so I’m trying to help. I got comfortable and began to read, and fell asleep the first five minutes 😂. I’m just now waking up! Oh well try again🤦🏾‍♀️🫠


I have a question, and I don’t know how many people are going to answer this but….. I want to know, what is your favorite American made food, but I want to know from foreigners. I’ve always wondered what do people from other countries like to eat when they are here. Just wondering, I’ll be so happy if I get a response 🤞🏾😁


I went back to sleep for a little surprisingly, but I still woke up early. The weather is supposed to be in the 80s today, so I have to work in the heat.

Right now I am babysitting the kittens. Their mom is tired, and I’m giving her a little rest. When I’m done babysitting, I’ll go outdoors to work. I still need to put together my husbands blog. Thankfully he’s not ready yet. He going to be very busy for the next two weeks.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday, and have some delicious tacos if you can!

Sleepy Monday

I’m so tired 🥱. For the past two weeks I have been on go. I keep wanting to go to sleep every time I sit down.

We had nice quiet Father’s Day and Juneteenth. My husband did things with the kids for the day, and I just prepared everything for them. My father is on a vacation that my two older sisters paid for. I got him all the goodies to take on his vacation. He should be having a great time. We are trying not to call and bother.

I didn’t take any pictures. We just spent a nice day without technology. I tried to blog, but they weren’t letting me post anyway🤦🏾‍♀️. I’m going to catch up on sleep today. That is it that is all!

More Heat!

It’s very hot early in the day again. I think today I will sit this one out. I can’t go out in the heat for hours like I did yesterday.

The heat is making everyone crazy around here. Arguments at the gas station, arguments on the lake. Everyone is going through a stressful time at the same time. As I read blogs I realize we are all saying the same thing in different ways. I hope we all find relief 😮‍💨.

This is an old screenshot, but very important! Save it for yourself as a reminder.