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My kind of fun

List five things you do for fun.

1. Walk in the woods

2. Fishing/ boating

3. Gardening

4. Hang out with my kids

5. Sewing/crafting

Published by Creascreation

Mother of three and wife. Went to school for computer engineering. I am skilled at embroidery, sewing, hairstyling, upholstery, gardening, and landscaping. I started blogging this year. I am from Michigan.

22 thoughts on “My kind of fun

  1. 1. I like to think of myself as a ‘Forest Detective”, whose poop is that? What’s bugging this tree? Where’s my Red-Tailed Hawk friend at? Basically, just being outside doing whatever. 2. Writing 3. Playing Video Games solo or with friends and family. I like the open world Role-playing games where I can explore complex relationships and alien flora and fauna 4. Swimming 5. Sewing/Crafting (I don’t do Cosplay, but I admire people who do.)

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      1. I’d like to think so! Everyday feels like a mini adventure to me! I have a friend that jokes I can make anything fun, then she lists out stuff like grocery shopping, going to the Dentist, etc. 🙂

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