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Write about a few of your favorite family traditions.

1. Putting up the Christmas tree the day after thanksgiving.

2. Planting seeds together every spring

3. Growing our own pumpkins for Halloween and thanksgiving.

4. Watching horror/thriller movies all October

5. Getting a new fishing pole every spring.

Friday the 13th

Today is usually a bad day for me. I’ve never had a Good Friday the 13th. Something always happens. Today has been a nice relaxing day. I watched YouTube for a while and then I went on prime to watch some things. We are receiving really good weather for this time of year. No snow has made most task easier to accomplish. This is a very different January for us. I’m enjoying it!

Here is what I’m watching on prime

Too busy

I’ve been so busy. This time of the year is the busiest for me. I have also been tired, and sleeping whenever I can. I have not blogged much this month. I will find the time to get back to blogging. I also need to read so many blogs. I hope the new year has been good to everyone so far. For me it has been busy. Here are some quotes I saved.

New Year

I’ve been MIA sorry about that. We had so much snow fall that we were snowed in for two weeks. The driveway is very steep and long, so you couldn’t get up or down it. Now the snow is all melted, and it’s like 50 degrees. We finally got a chance to get out the house for New Year’s Eve. During the winter storm the internet was awful, so I didn’t blog anything. I missed saying Merry Christmas to everyone and happy new year!

I finally got some photos of the lake. It’s partially frozen, but I’ll get photos when it’s fully frozen.